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USB Sentry is a FileMaker plugin that enables you to lock down any FileMaker solution and tie it to a single USB stick. This means that if you sell your solution to a customer, they cannot copy the solution and give it to someone else to use. The only way they can access the solution is with the USB stick that is "tied" to your solution.

Here is the typical scenario
You sell your solution to your client. They pass it around the office and email it to their friends. Suddenly you hard work is being passed around for free. You are losing money since they are only buying single copies of your software.

The solution
When they purchase your software, you supply your software on a USB drive. Using USB Sentry, your software is bound to that USB stick. When you client receives your FileMaker solution, they will only be able to open it with the correct USB stick inserted in the computer. Now they can no longer use multiple copies of your software since it will not open without the correct USB stick.

Kostar bara $199 och används tillsammans med en USB sticka som du själv väljer och levererar till kunden! Smart!