Undvik restauranger på måndagar & andra tips

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10 things your restaurant won't tell you

If you think that Monday, when restaurants tend not to be crowded, is a great time to eat out, think again. "You're being served all of the weekend's leftovers," says Francis, the exposé co-author. Kitchens prepare food on a first-in, first-out basis, meaning whatever is oldest gets served first. It's a way to ensure that everything on the menu is as fresh as possible.

The system works great most days, but it can run into a little glitch over the weekend. Distributors typically take Sunday off and make their last deliveries Saturday morning, which means that by Monday any food not used over the weekend is at least three to four days old. And it will be served before the same ingredients arriving in Monday's delivery.


Ett annat tips: Det spelar ingen roll hur dyrt det är på en krog. Snusket finns där ändå ute, där inte gästerna ser. Jag har diskat på en av Göteborgs finaste ställen (ett anrikt ställe med en hummer ovanför dörren, säger inga namn här) och det finns råttor och mögel bakom kulisserna. Burger King är mycket mer hygieniskt.

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