Det har kommit en ny betaversion av VMWare Fusion. Citerar några av de nya funktionerna nedan.

Unity: Break down the barriers between Windows and Mac OS X leaving the Windows desktop and Start menu behind. Run Windows XP applications intertwined with your favorite Mac applications and switch between any application with command-tab or Exposé. Use the VMware Fusion Launch palette to launch Windows applications eliminating the Start menu and save your favorite Windows applications to the Mac OS X Dock. Even use Mac keyboard commands to cut, copy, and paste between Windows and Mac applications.

Boot Camp improvements: You no longer have to choose between Windows or Mac—run Windows XP or Vista with Mac OS X off your existing Boot Camp partition. Beta 4 adds experimental support for Microsoft Vista, improves Boot Camp partition detection, and VMware Fusion automatically updates Windows to use virtual machine optimized drivers when needed.

Improved performance: Virtual machines boot faster, applications launch faster from virtual disks, and interactive performance is improved over previous betas.

Improved user experience: The toolbar is now completely customizable to meet your needs, virtual hardware has been moved to the status bar, and the virtual machine hardware editor now is a sheet attached to the virtual machine.

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