Ars Technica har testat revision B och C av MacBook Pro 17" mot varandra och jämfört prestanda, bildskärmar m.m. Deras slutsats:

If you focus merely on the clock speed, the difference between the Rev. B and Rev. C machines is truly miniscule. After all, we're talking about a 70MHz speed bump. Subjectively, using the two laptops feels about the same.

To me, the biggest difference is the high-resolution screen. If your eyes can take it—and I'm approaching the age where I have to hold things farther away from my eyes to read them—the extra $100 for the 1920x1200 display is money well-spent. If you're a graphics or video professional, you'll find the high-res display to be useful, and I strongly recommend spending the extra money for it.

Är det fler än jag som längtar efter den där 1920x1200 skärmen?

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