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  • 2007-06-06 16:45

Får se om dom ratar, totalt ignorerar eller blir överraskade över mailet!
Kan vara rätt mycket svengelska men jag tror dom kopplar vad jag är ute efter.


I've been using "your" tablets for 7 years now and i love them!

This mail should be sent to research or dev - departmet but i could not see an e-mail. (heh)

I would love to see a product in the future that was a keyboard/tablet combo. Imagine a wacom tablet with the same look as todays tablets but with one special attribute. Its also a keyboard. A switch/button on the side that determines the switch from regular pen tablet to a keyboard. When you hit the switch, small lights underneath the dark transparant plastic reveals the keys. You can now use your tablet as a keyboard.

I've had this idea for quite some time now and its not as crazy as it sounds. I use the keyboard 30 minutes a day working as a dvd-author/editor and compositor. The only time i use the keyboard is when i have to type in numbers or like now, e-mailing "you". I never use the tablet and keyboard at the same time thanks to the buttons on the tablet. The numeric key on the keyboard could also be active keys on the tablet. Of course these type of tablets would have to be atleast Wide A4s. Im not sure how the tablets work, but im pretty happy they do! And for "you" to implement the technology of touch to the tablets... That would be awesome!


Kenneth M

Please make life easier for us graphics guys that have to have 40 things on the table at once. Would love to get rid of the keyboard, its always in the way. (heh)


Det kanske redan är gjort? Vad tror ni?
Suttit med A3 borden och det blev riktigt jobbigt att skriva in siffror när man hade tangentbordet "en halvmil" ifrån sig. Tekniken kanske är det som har satt stopp för en sån här produkt men jag är rätt övertygad om att wacom skulle kunna implementera tekniken. Hur mycket hårdvara finns t.ex. "bakom" powerknappen på ACD'na?