Chicago Sun-Times: "You could call iPhone perfect"

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Andy Ihnatko på Chicago Sun-Times har provat iPhone och är minst sagt rätt nöjd...

Hela artikeln: You could call iPhone perfect

Ursprungligen av Andy Ihnatko:

The touch-interface works flawlessly, in terms of both technical function and user interface design. Whatever you want to do -- select an album to play, make or take a call, compose and send an e-mail -- your first impulse is almost always the correct one.

This is the simplest phone ever.

And there are no lags, no pauses, no waiting for the slickly animated UI to catch up with you, even when you're scrolling through a stack of album art that's flopping past your finger in 3D: It's liquid.

Ursäkta om den har postats redan, i så fall har jag missat den helt när jag letat.

Hans åsikter får man dock ta med en nypa salt eller två. Han älskar Apple mer än John Gruber.

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