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  • 2005-07-04 22:30

idog is Segatoys Japan's all new 2005 high quality iPod speacker features 7 kinds of LED lights that flash in many different patterns when the music is played through idog. idog is capable of changing its feelings from happy to angry by moving the ears and rotating the head and by changing the color of the 7 LED lights. Simply press on idog's nose to wake it up. idog will start to play music and wait for its owner to play with him. It gets happy when you touch its ears and pad on its head. It gets suprised when you touch its nose or wave in front of him. idog will become angry when you touch its tail. Segatoys idog is an one-of-a-kind iPod accessory. Very easy to control with lots of fun. Limited edition product.

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  • 2005-07-09 01:11

Ser ut som en dålig kopia av orginalhunden Aibo, ska man trycka in ipoden i hundens mun föresten?

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