Apple Store i Ryssland?

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Råkade surfa in på Apples sida i ryssland. Jag hittade en avdelning som verkar se ut som Rysska AppleStore. Finns det verkligen AppleStores i Ryssland? :rolleyes:

Här finns sidan.


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Company Apple IMCH, official representative Apple in Russia and countries OF THE CIS, opened/discovered the first in Rossi Apple- center.

In the store it is possible to purchase all models of computers and monitors To apple, new program products, and to also select the necessary outlying devices:printers, scanners, digital photos and video camera. In the Moscow Apple- center are presented the complex solutions on the platform To apple.They demonstrate the possibility of designing of computer films with the aid of the programs of videomontazha, working/treatment of photographs and creation of the collection of photo albums for the personal web- sites, the record of musical library on Mackintosh and his own musical disks with the dear songs. Salesmen demonstrate not only the technical parameters of computers, but also tell about their possibilities.You will see the work of Macintosh computers with the newest applications/appendices, such as iTunes and iMovie, and also Mac OS X - in a revolutionary way new operating system from Apple.

Slutsats Det är ett AppleCenter precis som MacSupport eller MacForum.

Heregud ryska måste vara j-kligt svårt att lära sig.

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