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Welcome to the future of music! The SliMP3 is a revolutionary approach to music playback, which frees you from the hassles of fragile, expensive Compact Discs. It presents an entirely new way of accessing and enjoying your music collection. Instead of storing your music on CDs or memory cards, the SliMP3 uses your home network to access the music stored on your PC. Imagine having lightning-fast access to any song in your collection, from any room of your home, with no limit to the size of your music library!

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Because the SliMP3 streams your music digitally over your network, there is absolutely no loss in quality. The sound quality is simply remarkable - you´ll never go back to listening to MP3s using your computer´s sound card.


Competing solutions for home MP3 playback are essentially PCs, which have been dedicated to the task of MP3 playback. These are large, expensive units with noisy fans and hard disks - hardly suitable for enjoying music in the bed room or living room. They require you to either duplicate your collection among multiple hard drives (of limited capacity), or purchase expensive, proprietary "satellite" units to make your music accessible in other rooms.
The SliMP3, on the other hand, leverages the storage capacity of the PC you already own, and uses inexpensive Ethernet technology to provide instant access to your music from anywhere in your home or office. You won´t believe how easy it is to set up and use, and yet how powerful the interface is. Installing the SliMP3 takes just a few minutes; all you need to do is load our software onto your computer, and plug the player into your network. The SliMP3 automatically configures itself for your network, and is ready to use immediately.


SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 Player

* Beautiful 40x2 vacuum fluorescent display - bright and easy to read
* Supports easy flash firmware updating over the network
* No moving parts (no fan, no hard disk or CD-ROM) - reliable and quiet: all you hear is your music!
* Supports all MP3 bit rates and VBR, plus MPEG2
* Communicates using IP over Ethernet, open streaming/control protocol
* Infrared remote control
* Small enough that you can put it anywhere - on a shelf, bedside table, etc.
* High quality 16 bit, 44.1KHz audio output
* Display brightness control
* Low power - draws less than 4 watts during normal operation with the display turned on, and just a few milliwatts in standby mode.
* Large buffer - no clicks or skips because of network problems

SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 Software

* Open-source server, written in Perl (GPL)
* Optional HTTP interface - control the player and manage your playlists from a web browser!
* Internet radio - Shoutcast, Icecast, and Live365
* Unlimited capacity - it doesn´t matter if your mp3 collection is a megabyte or a terabyte. Your files are not stored on the player, so there´s no limit to the amount of music you can access, and you don´t need to hassle with copying your files onto the player.
* Easy to use hierarchical browser interface
* Random mode
* Supports .pls and .m3u playlist files
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