Köpte en WD 120gb 8 mb cache Special Edtion för inte så länge sedan, nu kommer IBM med 8 mb cache som enligt dom själva är snabbare .............

Saxat från AYM:

IBMs 180GXP IDE Hard Drives with 8MB Cache -
Western Digital has been shipping 8MB cache "special edition" (JB suffix on model#) IDE drives for some time but Gregory sent a note that IBM has now announced their 8MB cache 180GXP drives. The press release notes "the world´s fastest desktop hard disk drive with IBM-exclusive technology called "tag ´n seek"... Known technically as tagged command queuing, "tag ´n seek" technology enables the new IBM Deskstar 180GXP to perform nearly 25 percent faster than its predecessor". The 180GXP series has a 7200 RPM spindle speed, fluid bearings and capacities up to 180GB. They are shipping today according to the article. For more info also see this IBM 180GXP product page. No pricing details yet that I have seen.