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Final Cut Pro 4 to support 24 fps editing, DV50
By Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief

November 21, 2002 - Over the course of the past several months, sources have provided a small number of details about the next major upgrade to Apple´s professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro 4.

One major feature will be support for 24 fps editing. Insiders noted that Panasonic will be releasing a 24p FireWire video camera, and that the company was waiting for the release of a non-linear editor to support the higher bit rates. Instead of working with Avid, the company is partnering with Apple, which will include such support in Final Cut Pro 4.

Two other features will include support for FireWire 2.0 -- said to be a major part of FCP 4 -- and DV50, a higher DV standard than the current DV25 implementation.

There has been some speculation among DV insiders of an introduction at Macworld Expo/San Francisco in January, or even at DV Expo West in Los Angeles, which runs December 9-12. However, a source says that a demonstration is unlikely, and that the new version hasn´t yet reached the beta stage.

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Final Cut Pro 4 to support 24 fps editing, DV50

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Är det någon som har några siffror på hur stor marknadsandel FCP har?

Apple´s Final Cut Pro is making inroads in the film industry, according to the Hollywood Reporter: "In the past year or two, however, Avid has been fending off parries from the low-cost challenger Final Cut Pro, which actually has gained some ground in the areas of television, commercials and trailers. Now it has cleared another major hurdle -- its first big-league feature. Esteemed editor Walter Murch sent ripples of surprise through the editing community when he decided to use the system to cut Anthony Minghella´s "Cold Mountain," due out Christmas 2003, for Miramax. That decision has prompted some in the feature community to take a closer look at Apple´s desktop-based system."

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