Apple byter till AMD ?

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Tuesday, November 19 2:13 AM ET
There is a big buzz this morning regarding big AMD announcements at COMDEX tomorrow, combined with an unusually large Apple presence at that expo. Although we continue to be skeptical of reports that Apple is planning to move its computers to AMD´s 64-bit Hammer processors (at least any time soon), this could still be big news for Apple fans. It could involve Apple´s commitment to HyperTransport, or any number of other partnerships between Apple and AMD....or it could be the never-ending game of Rumormonger Telephone at work once again.
We will find out later today...stay tuned!

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Comdex: Hector Ruiz Keynote Reported by: Chris Tom At: 12:59 PM Source: Rob and I just got out of the Hector Ruiz keynote and after Q and A. Real quickly here are some key points.

Athlon XP 64-Clawhammer desktop name confirmed
Slash and Gibson digital guitars
power company business win with nForce powered Compaqs
Hammer wafer yields over 50% a month ago
64 bit Unreal demoed
400MHZ FSB nForce 2 demo, possibly new bus speed
IBM DB2 Opteron demo
Star Wars previsualization on Athlons

Det var ju iofs inte den keynoten om man får tro macosrumors.. det står ju imorgon - o inlägget postat på tisdagen..

Så vi väntar till imorrn tycker jag..

Tror MOSR har lite fel - den var idag , klipp från :

Well our man Rob Squires is already down at Comdex ready for the Bill Gates keynote. Word at the show is that there is a lot of people from Apple at the show. Rumor has it that they may be present at Hector Ruiz´s keynote on Tuesday. Will there be an AMD and Apple joint announcement?


quote: Will there be an AMD and Apple joint announcement?

Yah man... *pfff* smoke it...

Ryan på macosrumors som vanligt isåfall då..

Men samtidigt kanske man ska vänta tills Comdex har varit innan man kan säga något.

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