Fullt Active Directory stöd i OS X via plugin.

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Enligt höjdar siten macwindows.com håller Apple på att utveckla en plugin till OS X som ska få den att få fullstädigt stöd mot Microsoft Active Directory.

Detta vore en höjdarprodukt som verkligen skulle göra det enklare att få in Macar i Windowsnätverk.

Source says Apple working on Active Directory plugin for Mac support.
October 10, 2002 -- A source has told MacWindows that Apple is working on a pluggin for Microsoft´s Active Directory that would add Mac compatibility:

A reliable source from within Apple has told me that at the recent Apple System Engineers Summer Camp (held in the US each year for Apple SEs from around the world) a member of Apple´s engineering group demonstrated an internal project. It is a plug-in for Open Directory which allows a Mac OS X user to authenticate against Active Directory AND gain automatic access to network resources such as a network home directory WITHOUT requiring any modifications to the Active Directory LDAP schema... i.e. the Windows administrator need do NOTHING to support Macs connecting to their servers in a tightly integrated way.

Now, apparently Apple´s marketing section is resisting productising [sic] this plug-in for fear that it may cannibalize sales of Apple´s own server product. Seems to me that if such a plug-in were released, it would remove one of the major objections to allowing Macs onto corporate networks and would make a lot of people _very happy with Apple.

Let´s face it, a Windows network administrator is hardly going to accept Apple´s current line of "you have to have a Mac OS X Server if you want to integrate Mac OS X clients with your Active Directory Server" if there are only a handful of Macs amongst a sea of Windows PCs.

Maybe it´s time for some publicity of this project and a petition to Apple to have it released so that we can remove this obstacle from integrating Macs with Windows networks.

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