MOSR beskriver rykten om en digital hemvideobox av något slag:

New information is also becoming available through the grapevine about Apple´s next Digital Lifestyle device. There are at least five different such projects underway at Apple right now, up to three of which could ship this summer, so there´s plenty of uncertainty to go around....but the grapevine´s choice for device-on-deck is a home digital video theatre.

Such a device would likely include a DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive, a large hard disk, a host of AV input and output ports, Firewire ports (most likely 800Mbps Firewire, which would hook in well with the new PowerMacs that are also rumored to include 800Mbps FW), a powerful remote control, and even built-in support for Apple´s flat panel displays, particularly the 23-inch Cinema HD widescreen. Interoperability with Apple´s sound systems is also frequently mention. All of this, packed inside an impressively small (and, of course, stylish) enclosure. The price tag will be very competitive, but still not cheap -- not less than $699, and probably more like $899-$999 during its first year.

Ta det för vad det är - rykten från MOSR...