Uppgradering av forumet runt hörnet

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Vi kommer med största sannolikhet uppgradera forumet väldigt snart, till version 6.3.1.

Nyheterna är:

* Mass Move - allows you to move many topics from one or more forums into another forum
* Control Panel Wordlets - the entire control panel has now been converted to use Wordlets, allowing easy translation
* Updated Wordlet editor - now uses pages for faster loading
* Updated Control Panel Entry - now includes more information & quick links to common functions
* Editable FAQ - the board FAQ can now be edited from the control panel
* Jump to New Posts link - Located at the top of each topic - when clicked, it takes users to the posts in that topic that were made after their last visit to the board. Also known as the "blue arrow".
* "Topic moved" icon - indicates if a topic was moved rather than closed.
* "Report Post" link - allows users to mail the forum moderator and board administrator about a post he or she feels is inappropriate.
* Mail topic starter on move - Administrators and Moderators now have the option of mailing the topic starter when his or her topic is moved
* New email preference for users - if toggled on by the board administration, users may now have a mailing form presented rather than their email address. Only registered members may mail others using the mail form.
* Admin reserved login & public names - both full and partial names may now be reserved using the Registration Settings area of the control panel
* Optional removal of Instant UBBCode™ / Graemlin links from the posting template - the admin may now disable the Instant UBBCode™ and Instant Graemlin links on the topic/reply/edit/private message forms. This option only disables the links, not the UBBCode or Graemlin features themselves.
* Updated JC Template set
* Misc. other changes and improvements
* New Control Panel layout - reworked to be even easier to use. Now uses Wordlets™ entirely to make translation even easier.

Något rörigt, tog texten direkt från Infopop.

Jag tror Jon var lite trött igår, vi kommer inte uppgradera till 6.3.1. Det har redan kommit en senare version men vi väntar till version 6.4.

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