Version 6.3.1 - July 25, 2002
6.3.1 is a major release that adds many new features including:

* Mass Move - allows you to move many topics from one or more forums into another forum
* The entire control panel has now been converted to use Wordlets™, allowing easy translation
* Updated Wordlet editor
* Updated Control Panel Entry
* Control panel editable FAQ
* Jump to New Posts link
* "Topic moved" icon
* "Report Post" link
* Mail topic starter when moving a thread
* New email preference for users - Users have the option to hide thier email address, but recieve email from the board
* Admin reserved login & public names
* Optional removal of Instant UBBCode™ / Graemlin links from the posting template
* Updated JC Template set
* Misc. other changes and improvements
* New Control Panel layout - totally reworked for improved clarity and usability

Tilläggas bör att vi nu kör UBB som var den senaste versionen före 25:e Juli. Vi får se när vi uppgraderar till 6.3.1 - kanske när vi installerar nya 99mac servern.