PowerMac G5

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Skall vi säga dual G5 1.6 GHz nästa år?

Ha ha, otroligt komiskt att läsa den där artikeln nu, att The Register alls låter den ligga kvar är ju förvånande...

Det var sånt här som skapade G5-yra långt innan det var i närheten av att vara sant. Synd att så många gick på det.

We don't know the ship date either, though we've been told that Apple is shooting to get boxes out for a January launch. If Motorola is sampling the G5 now or is about to, then we'd estimate that volume won't begin until early to mid Q1 2002, which would enable Apple to launch at Macworld Expo San Francisco and ship the higher end boxes in, say, February, as it's done before.

Apple will launch Mac OS X 10.2 around the same time, we're told, and offer it as a 64-bit version. To do so would surely limit users of older hardware to 10.1 and its updates, but that hasn't stopped the company making such moves in the past. The G5's 32-bit support will allow apps to be carried forward, and developers have been told they will be able to make '64-bit clean' apps with a simple recompile.

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