Installera TO:AoT (Tactical Ops) under Mac OS X

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Note: Original Guide can be found here:

I found a really big mistake I made.
In both the texture fix as in the 3.3.2 there is a file called:
GreatFire.utx location: Textures folder in the root UT folder.
By preforming the texture fix after the 3.3.2 update there could be a verson mismatch (haven´t noticed it, but it could be).

The guide was snowing in cos of all the posts, so this will be read only.
Please discuss or ask questions in other threads.

Well, I just did a complete fresh install and everything worked fine.
This is a intall guide for X. But it should also work fine for 9. I do a detailed list, some things very standart, but just to be complete there still there:

Note: Never startup UT or TO until finished with the complete installation.

436 update:
Texture Fix:

Making UT ready:
Do a full install from the cd.
Unpack the 436 update and follow the update instructions.
---You can skip the following if you using 9---
Unpack the UTX3 and copy Unreal Tournament OS X to the Unreal Tournament root folder.
Your UT should be ready now.

Installing 3.1.5
Unpack the 3.1.5 package.
Copy the TacticalOps Folder to the root folder of Unreal Tournament.
Open the folder System in the TO AOT (3.1.5) package.
Drag and drop the files in there to the System Folder in the root Unreal Tournament folder.
Unpack the TacticalOpsMacLaucher.sit
There are 3 files in there. If using 9 copy the normal Lacnher, if using X copy the X launcher to the root Unreal Tournament folder.
Ok, 3.1.5 is installed now.

Texture Fix:
To make sure you can play online, you must install the texture fix.
Unpacke the texture fix package.
Copy all the files in the Textures folder to the Textures folder of the Unreal Tournament root folder.

Patching to 3.3.2
Unpack the 3.3.2 package.
Ignore the System folder, these are windows only files.
Open the Textures folder of teh package and copy teh contents to the Texture folder of the root Unreal Tournament folder.
Open the TacticalOps folder in both the package as the root Unreal Tournament folder.
Open the System folder in the TacticalOps folder from the 3.3.2 patch folder and drag and frop the files on the System folder in the TacticalOps folder of the Unreal Tournament folder.
Do the same for the Maps and Textures folder of the patch package.
Now your done.

alt(option) Double click the launcher and select your Unreal Tournament folder. And you should be running TOAoT 3.3.2 now.

Note: You don´t have to copy the ini files from the extra/defautlini folder as these are copied by the Launcher.

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En full installation av 3.3.2 finns här:

Den funkar utmärkt, jag har inte haft några problem med den installationen. Mycket trevligt att få spela Tactical Ops igen på Macen.

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spelade nåra timmar idag.. dock får jag nå fel på "GenFX.utx"
kanske skulle böra från början?
men man ska ju behöva bonus pack 1-4 me?

Har du provat med Texture Fix buckner?

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