Allt enligt dagens MacNN:

MacNN sources note that Apple will officially introduce new speed-bumped PowerBooks and iBooks later this month. The new PowerBook will feature G4 processor speeds of 667MHz and 550MHz, larger harddrives (20GB/30GB), a Radeon 128 Mobility graphics processor, Gigabit ethernet, and a bundled AirPort card. The new Titanium PowerBooks are expected to be the same prices as the current models. Apple is also expected to introduce new speed-bumped iBooks with a faster 600MHz G3 processor, larger hard drives (15GB/15GB/20GB), and more memory (128MB) as well as cut pricing on its high-end machine combo-drive unit by about $100. Current models are expected to be modestly discounted to clear remaining inventory, after the expected October 16"

Kan sedan svenska AppleStore få tummen ur och sänka priset på DVD-skivorna nu när USA sänkte sina för någon vecka sedan... ja då får dom pluss i kanten