När dyker 17" upp?

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  • 2003-02-23 17:22

Nån som hört när man kan förvänta sig se 17" powerbooken i en svensk butik?


"Taiwanese assembly plant sources have told MacWhispers that the same problems responsible for the delayed release of the 17-inch Powerbook have also delayed the release of the 15-inch variant. We are researching to determine the exact issues plaguing both products. But, it is now apparent that whatever the production flaw has been that has held up shipments of the largest Apple notebook, the same problem has appeared in its mid-size brother, as well.

While we do not have actual production numbers, we have confirmed that all of the machines from at least two weeks of two-shift production of the 15-inch Powerbook have been held, and are being reworked to correct a manufacturing defect. We have no word at this time about when Apple might announce the TiBook´s replacement. But, our present belief is that this delay will result in both the 17 and 15-inch Powerbook variants actually starting to ship at about the same time in early April."

Om det stämmer kommer väl 17"aren till Sverige någon gång i April. Men tror ingen vet.

Macoteket får _preliminärt_ in slutet av mars.

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