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  • 2006-12-17 14:19

Tänkte att det här kunde intressera? Själv var jag lite för snabb att köpa.

There is an industry shift currently in magnetic recording technology.
The old technology is "longitudinal" , the new one is "perpendicular".
It is a good thing. And it is unavoidable.

Seagate is the market leader in new technology. They started to sell
perpendicular disks on the market. This may be the case now even for
Maxtor branded disks. I hear they have problems with reliability,
because the technology is very new. About 25-30% of their production
has problems detected in factory quality control. I assume the
remaining 75% has higher probability to fail also.

So this may be or may not be the reason.

In any case, buying from Seagate may be not a good idea from
reliability point of view in the next year or so.

And if you compare the price per GB, the best disks now are from
Western Digital and Samsung.