Problem: iPod updater 1.2

Tråden skapades och har fått 1 svar. Det senaste inlägget skrevs .

Hjulet fungerar ej med 1.2

Jag har tesat at återställa med 1.1 och då fungerade hjulet!

5Gb ipod

Hjälp sökes!!

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"quote:Originally posted by el lindo:
I just installed it, and now my scroll wheel doesn´t work. I can play songs, but only by using the five buttons...I´ve reinstalled several times, reset the iPod, and it won´t let me install 1.1 over it...

I had the same problem, but was able to put 1.1 back on to my iPod from a Windows machine (I updated to 1.2 on the windows machine too, I´m away from my Mac at present)

I´m hoping for a solution soon as I´d like to play with 1.2

Also, the battery indicator was not accurate. Is yours?"

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