Första recensionerna av iPhone ute nu!

Som det ryktades om igår har nu de första officiella recensionerna av iPhone släppts.

Walt Mossberg på Wall Street Journal är först ut och är på det hela taget rätt imponerade:

Our verdict is that, despite some flaws and feature omissions, the iPhone is, on balance, a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer. Its software, especially, sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry, and its clever finger-touch interface, which dispenses with a stylus and most buttons, works well, though it sometimes adds steps to common functions.

MacRumors har sammanställt några intressanta punkter:

- largest, highest resolution screen of any smart phone they've seen, most internal memory
- Impressive battery life and thin
- Feels solid
- Regarding the touch keyboard: "After five days of use, Walt -- who did most of the testing for this review -- was able to type on it as quickly and accurately as he could on the Palm Treo he has used for years."
- Can't use T-Mobile SIM cards
- Wi-Fi capability doesn't fully make up for the lack of a fast cellular data capability
- Multitouch: "effective, practical and fun"
- No way to copy/paste text
- Microsoft's Exchange system support
- Voice call quality was good, but not great
- Can't record video
- No Adobe Flash support
- Songs can't be set as ringtones

MacRumors: First iPhone Review from Walt Mossberg

Vidare har flera andra också släppt sina recensioner, jag fortsätter sno hejdlöst från MacRumors sammanfattningar:

NY Times: David Pogue
- "so sleek and thin, it makes Treos and BlackBerrys look obese."
- After walking around with the iPhone unprotected for 2 weeks, no marks on it. Glass smudges are easily wiped off.
- 700 megabytes is occupied by the phone’s software
- Making calls can be a 6 step process if phone is off.
- Web, Email is superior
- Battery Life Test: 5 hours video, 23 hours audio. Note: did not turn off Wi-Fi and other features as Apple suggests.
- Typing was OK. Difficult at first, but learned to "trust" the keyboard. "The BlackBerry won’t be going away anytime soon."
- Cites AT&T network as iPhone's biggest downfall. Cites Consumer Reports survey which ranks AT&T network as last or second to last in 19 out of 20 major US cities.
- AT&T’s EDGE cellular network: "excruciatingly slow"

Slideshow of photos taken with iPhone
- Video Review

Newsweek: Steven Levy
- bottom line is that the iPhone is a significant leap
- The iPhone is the rare convergence device where things actually converge.
- e-mail looks more like you’re working on a computer than a clunky phone
- YouTube videos work great on Wi-Fi, but can display in a lower quality when you’re not at a hotspot and are using AT&T’s EDGE network
- unless I did a lot of video watching or Web browsing, [the battery] could generally last the day
- I’ve been jamming it in my pocket with keyrings, coins and pens, and so far it’s nearly as good as new.

USA Today: Edward Baig
- Apple's iPhone isn't perfect, but it's worthy of the hype
- The revelation is that it's also comfortable to hold and touch.
- I expected to miss the tactile feel that a physical keyboard provides. I didn't.
- You can hold a conference call with up to five people.
- No voice recognition or voice dialing
- halfway decent internal speakers for listening if you set the thing down
- iPod games are not compatible with iPhone
- our company tech department raised questions about the security settings Apple required with our Microsoft Exchange servers.
- Battery life didn't prove to be a big problem in my unscientific tests

29 svar

Enligt källor bland telefonoperatörerna kan Apple presentera sina nästa Iphone-modeller vid ett event den 12 september.

Under ett live-event i New York presenterar nu Samsung den nya flaggskeppstelefonen Galaxy Note 8.

Samsungs smarta röstassistent Bixby har tidigare endast funnits i USA och Sydkorea, men nu rullas den ut till 200 länder inklusive Sverige.

Säkerhetskopieringstjänsten Crashplan för hemanvändare tas bort. Code42 lämnar konsumentmarknaden och satsar istället på företagsanvändare.

Under kvällens Samsung Unpacked-event är det mer eller mindre givet att Galaxy Note 8 kommer presenteras.

Nu är Adobes fototävlingen som löpt under sommaren avgjord och de bästa bidragen kan ses med hjälp av förstärkt verklighet i Kungsträdgården i Stockholm.